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Biobloc/ADAPT Orthotropics, Crozat, and ALF

Orthotropics is a growth guidance philosophy that believes proper body posture, resting oral posture, swallowing and nasal breathing patterns allows the tongue to be the conductor in developing the down and forward growth of the face. This is to guide the expansion of the jaws, facial and cranial bones and airway to its most ideal form. If function and growth were ideal, you would achieve straight teeth and room for all 32 teeth as a byproduct. The challenge in this day and age is to have ideal growth happen naturally. We feel the reason in large part is due to our current lifestyle. From the health of the mother during pregnancy, to the way we birth, what we eat, the consistency of our foods, our technology (that has impacted our sleep quality), our medications, our posture, to our diet (GMO's, organics, supplements, processed foods, etc…), how we live today is so different compared to the past. Let's discuss posture. One has to really fight for good posture. We may sit at our job all day hunched over a computer. Our children sit hunched over at their desk, then in front of the television and computer. Poor body posture will encourage poor oral posture and tongue function. Biobloc and ADAPT, ALF, and Crozat appliances and Myofunctional Therapy can help address proper horizontal, down and forward growth but in different ways.

Biobloc patient, before and after.

This is a six-year-old girl who completed Biobloc Orthotropics. Notice the development of the midface (including the sinus area) and the forward development of the upper and lower jaw allowing for a much larger airway (in colors). We feel this enables the child to correct her posture. In the left photo, if the child were to correct her posture, the airway would have gone to zero. In other words bad posture may be a compensation for a small airway


Biobloc/ADAPT Orthotropics

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