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Preventative, long lasting Dentistry

With our preventative philosophy and hygiene team, we have helped individuals and families avoid having to do dental work. However, on occasion a patient may need to have a dental procedure performed. In the old days of silver/mercury (Amalgam) fillings, dentists would have to remove healthy tooth structure (in addition to the cavity) to ensure that the filling material did not break out of the tooth. Amalgam is a very cost effective and good long term option, as long as it is placed in a thick enough layer. As a result, it may require aggressively removing more tooth structure, including unfortunately some healthy areas. In addition, there is some controversy as to the health risks of contents in amalgam fillings, mercury being the main one. Newer non-amalgam bonding/adhesive technology helps us preserve precious tooth structure. Since there is a minimal amount of tooth that needs to be removed, fillings can be smaller than the size of a pin head (if required) and we can do partial crowns instead of full crowns. This preservation of healthy, valuable tooth structure decreases the chances of future major dental work. However, unlike amalgam, this bonding/adhesive technology requires an extremely sensitive technique. In a wet/contaminated field, there may be an increase in painful sensitivity. Also, the filling material may not bond sufficiently to the tooth, increasing the chances of getting a new cavity, which could eventually lead to needing a root canal. Drs. Yang and Nguyen each have hundreds of additional hours in post-graduate continuing education and training in this particular field.

"Taking your time to properly isolate, disinfect the field, and applying proper procedures is imperative to adhesive technology and is the foundation for success using these types of materials. Otherwise, the patient was better off having an Amalgam placed". Dr Nick Nguyen.