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Our warm and caring team at Aliso Shore Dentistry offers you and your family the best in complete, personalized, and preventative dentistry. We have been providing patient focused care for our community for over 18 years with an emphasis on listening to our patients, which is a reason why we single book all of our appointments. Drs. Calvin Yang and Nick Nguyen have extensive post-graduate training.

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Drs. Calvin Yang and Nick Nguyen have extensive post-graduate training in many areas including: Pediatrics, Growth and Development, Special Needs, Breathing and Oral Posture, Allergies/Asthma/Reflux (LPR and GERD), Aging, Wellness, Nutrition, Myofunctional Therapy, Orthodontics and Orthotropics (Biobloc/ALF/Crozats), Occlusion/TMJ/TMD/Sleep disorders, Implantology, and Aesthetics. Our philosophy is to focus on preventative care (keep and maintain what you have) in order to avoid extensive and costly procedures. For children, we recommend correcting function early on to prevent health problems and avert the need for braces in the future. Crowded, crooked teeth, and/or gummy smiles are not just an orthodontic problem, but may actually indicate poor growth, poor breathing, and bad oral posture.

Living in the community, Drs. Yang and Nguyen are both married and each has three children. Having had poor orthodontics as children and experiencing health and wellness issues in their own families, Drs. Yang and Nguyen were inspired to study and train in the areas listed above.

Our hygiene department, headed by Melinda, Leslie, and Debbie, strive to deliver world class service by communicating clearly, being attentive to the patient's needs, and providing thorough and gentle care. Our front office team, Kathy and Krissy, will help schedule your visits, making sure appointments are punctual and assisting you with any insurance and billing questions. Our wonderful assistants, Katy and Letty will ensure your visits are pleasant and comfortable.

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As an athlete, Orthotropics makes the most sense to me. I not only wanted straight teeth but a broad smile. And I did not want anything to negatively affect my profile or airway.

Part of the reason of constant switching is I never found a dentist that fits my needs and that I felt was truly honest and cared deeply for his patients, I feel I have finally found it!

Kathy sets a friendly tone immediately and knows her insurance. This is very important to me!

They look at things with a long term vision and plan, which gives me comfort with their recommendations.

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